IFS Trend Risk Monitor

Every day quality managers are faced with the challenge of managing upstream supply chains in addition to the internal processes in their company. This has even become more relevant since the new product fraud requirements have come into force. So now it is even more essential that quality managers are aware of all the risks associated with their raw materials used and events occurring in the upstream supply chain as well as factors influencing the conditions in the countries of origin of raw materials. Therefore, quality managers need to invest more and more time to collect, study and evaluate information from a lot of different sources in order to act accordingly.

IFS wants to facilitate this process and has therefore created a new tool, the IFS Trend Risk Monitor. The tool is exclusively available for registered IFS users, particularly quality managers and IFS recognized consultants. This new dashboard for modern risk management offers its users a comprehensive overview of all relevant data, so that risks in the upstream supply chain can be managed more effectively.




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