To give you a comprehensive insight into IFS, we have made the most important documents available to you for download on this page. Here you can find studies on the efficiency of IFS Standards as well as first-hand reports. Standard-specific documents can be found directly under the relevant standards

Scopes for the accreditation certificates


Accreditation Bodies provide third-party attestation to IFS assessment performing certification bodies, thus conveying formal demonstration of their competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks (such as certification, inspection and testing). This is realised through the assessment of systems and procedures, in addition to monitoring performance. For IFS Accreditation, all Certification Bodies are assessed to ISO 17065 (Conformity Assessment - Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, Processes and Services).

A functioning quality management system need to be in place at the certification body. These guarantee the reliable implementation of the IFS Standards and ensure the capability of the certification body’s management, technical, and administrative team.

A close relationship with national accreditation bodies is a fundamental element of the IFS Quality Management System. This is achieved via regularly exchanging and sharing information on the performance of IFS approved Certification Bodies.

For further information on accreditation related to IFS, please contact Mrs. Nevin Rühle This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


IFS for Quality Managers

Pest Control-from the IFS point of view

“IFS Food: Certification delivers market access and transforms efficiency”, case study Chile

“Achieving certification to IFS Food – more than a piece of paper”, case study Brazil

IFS App - IFS Audit Manager

The IFS offers from now one its users the possibility to implement and work with the standard through multiple different channels. In addition to the IFS Database and the audit software auditXpress, the new app IFS Audit Manager will support internal auditors in their task on site. The app runs on smartphones and tablets and provides, next to the included IFS checklist, various means of support during the audit. A compact collection of auditor questions, a glossary, guidelines and additional references on your device will help you as an auditor to perform your audit.

Functions and benefits:

- create new audits with the actual IFS checklist

- get helpful extra information related to IFS requirements

- find all IFS documents in one application on the smartphone

- export your audit report directly in an Excel or CSV file. No more need to copy your handwritten notes.

- never miss an update in IFS by carefully selected push notifications

- take notes whenever you find an IFS relevant issue in your company and connect it later to the related requirement in your internal audit


IFS Certifications as an instrument for the private and offical inspection of foodstuffs

Developing, Implementation and Improvement of Food Safety and Quality Management Systems with IFS

Understanding Challenging Applications for Improved Metal Detection

The paper examines how the “product effect” in metal detection applications, if not correctly understood, can seriously challenge the effectiveness of your food safety and quality programmes.

Efficient Quality Management in Regulated Environment

Download the White Paper to read more about how putting the weighing process
at the center of a quality management framework.

US Food: The Effects of IFS Certification on Business Performance

Download here the US Foods case study on the performance of distribution centers before and after certification.

US Foods Conducts Case Study on Implementation of IFS Logistics

Download the Case Study to read more about the US Foods journey with the  global storage & distribution leading standard IFS Logistics.

Choose better! A comparison between IFS and ISO norms

White Paper: Benefits of 3rd party certification



IFS App- IFS Audit Manager: Plan and do your internal audit with the IFS app. Download the basic version for free and start auditing!


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