IFS starts its way towards IFS Food version 8


Following consultations of the IFS Board and ITC, we have decided to revise the IFS Food Standard. The revision becomes necessary because we need to adapt the standard to the new Codex Alimentarius and upcoming ISO 22003-2. Also, it allows us to consider the feedback from our stakeholders regarding version 7. Besides the adaption to the Codex and ISO 22003-2, we will:

  • reassign some requirements to stay closer to the audit trail,
  • revise the scoring system, especially the B-scoring,
  • and be more consistent in the wording.

Also, we will downsize the IFS Food Doctrine and introduce new software that simplifies the reporting, especially of the compulsory fields. We plan to consult our stakeholders on the draft for version 8 in April. After discussing the results of this consultation in the IFS Committees in June, we will finalise the new checklist and plan the next steps. We invite our stakeholders to accompany this process constructively. You will find regular updates about the progress on LinkedIn and in our newsletters.




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